29 September 2011

Lighting Diagram

Fabric/Lighting Assignment

1. Computer Lab

Digital Work
Ambient Lighting - Fluorescent tubes

Effect: Cool whitish light
-Visually cold but helps maintain colour accuracy from looking at lab monitors which are also cool

Lighting distorts colour
Doesn't help the red accents
Fabric Looks Brown

Rib Knit (yellow)
Appears more orange than yellow

Terry Cloth:

Very blue hue but vibrant
looks darker than naturally lit space; like studio

Warmer colour temp would be more inviting but might conflict with colour temp of computer monitors
variety in directional lighting, less overhead light

2. Tate Street Coffee
Task Lighting pendants
Also Flood lights

Warm/inviting more so than fluorescent
Feels more intimate/cozy

Red hue has more vibrance
none of the accents are lost

Rib Knit (yellow):
More yellow/golden
Much warmer than lab

Terry Cloth:
Appears bluer
colour softer

Not as rich blue
colour muted
natural looking

Need more lighting over tables in middle
People preferred tables with better lighting

3. Parking Deck
High pressure sodium-Ambient Light

Terrible colour rendering
washes out all colours

Appears borwn instead of red
Dark with all details washed out

Rib Knit (yellow):
Still yellow, lacks golden hue
still more consistent than others

Terry Cloth:
Washed out
Has a purplish tint

Denim: Also washed out

Ceramic Metal Halide may preform better and render colour better.

15 September 2011

Lighting Model

My groups light model opted to create a large space electrically lit with a series of can lamps which mimics the appearance of a night sky. The idea being that constellations could be formed by the lights to divide the space. The light cast by the the 'stars' produces a striking effect not just on the ceiling plane but when put under more intense light intricate shadows can be seen on the wall before ultimately diffusing further down, thereby drawing the eye.

07 April 2011

Group Marketing Packages

More graphic work this time around the work from a mock firm competition the third year students are entering. The students of Professional Practice had to produce a series of graphics for the students. I personally contributed with creating a graphic standard and most of the graphics that were produced for the actual project.

I stipulated, fonts, colours and layouts of the brand for the mock firms. The third year students will use these materials in May in Chicago for the actual competition.

The Actual branding document,

Flux 35 Branding Business

Bios of the mock firm's staff,


31 March 2011

Pro Practice Essay

Below is a copy of the essay I wrote for my pro practice lecture. It examines starchitecture and famous buildings and whether they truly fulfil the purpose of architecture or reflect poorly on the profession.


18 February 2011

Assignment 2.0 Personal Marketing Package

Having now handed in my personal marketing package to Travis for Professional practice, I suppose that I should post it here.


We also had to produce a few other, documents like CV and a leave behind for actual interviews, however, these things have a lot of personal details on them and this being the internet, I think I may withhold them from my personal blog, maybe when I get an actual website up and running.